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Find Teaching Jobs across Australia
Find Teaching Jobs across Australia
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Find Teaching Jobs across Australia

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Chances are you’ll find the answer in our FAQs. If not, get in touch and a member of our team will be more than happy to try fill in any blanks.

That decision is all yours! You will have the option to control your search parameters, so you can search for jobs within your local area, a little further afield, or even somewhere completely random that you may be happy to commute or relocate to for the right opportunity!  

No, not entirely. Your identity and the personal details you provide in your profile will be used within TeacherFinder to help secure you employment opportunities. This includes your profile being seen by potential employers who have a current paid subscription with TeacherFinder. Other than use within TeacherFinder,your personal details and identity will be kept strictly confidential. For full details on this please see our Privacy Policy. 

As each work placement may vary in length, role description, employer and employment conditions, your TeacherFinder work placements may all have different rates of pay.  

Pay rates can differ between jurisdictions and state vs. private and independent schools. VET and tutor teacher placements can also pay different rates again, often higher hourly rates but for shorter shifts.  

If unsure, we encourage you to check the standard award rates for your role or ask your potential employer about the pay rates and conditions before accepting the job.  

The frequency of work that you undertake is completely up to you. There are no minimum amounts of assignments you need to do. You will be asked to nominate the type of work you would like to complete in your profile and to keep your availability up to date, as this is what potential employers may use to find and offer you work.  It is then up to you to accept or decline any job offers, and to search and apply for other job opportunities.   

We allow this because we know at times, there are simply other things that you need to do or other commitments that you may have.  The availability of work may also fluctuate each month depending on what our clients require.  Some months you may be asked to complete the amount of stores you have requested per month, but at other times we may have 1 or no surveys for you to complete within a month, it just depends on our work load. 

All TeacherFinder work placements will require you to enter an employment agreement with the employing school or business. The school, business or relevant State-based authority employing you on contract will be responsible for paying your remuneration in accordance with the employment agreement you enter into. This normally requires you to nominate an Australian bank account which funds will be paid electronically into.  

Yes, this is entirely up to you. If you think you can still be honest and reliable in your TeacherFinder interactions, then that is fine with us.