Find teachers, quick and easy.

TeacherFinder simplifies how schools find teachers to hire. No more drowning in stacks of resumes or being hassled with follow up calls and emails.

More than a jobs board

We know that sometimes you may just want to ‘suss out’ your options or approach a preferred pool first. With TeacherFinder you can choose to search and book discretely or post a job publicly on the platform to cast a wider net. You have full control every time.

Find Teachers For Schools across Australia
A tailored 'marketplace' for the education sector

Find known and new teachers.

Discretely scan the marketplace to see who can work and when, view detailed teacher profiles, manage incoming applicants and confirm contract bookings all from one place.

See at a glance how well candidates match your search and compare ‘apples with apples’ through the succinct, rich profile template.

Hire full time, part time, contract and casual teachers, teacher aides, early childhood educators and other roles.

Helps you stay organised

View your upcoming jobs and open offers at a glance on your private dashboard or view through your centralised calendar.

Keep communication records together in one central job-specific message thread.

Easly share shortlists with colleagues via email and download payroll reports.

Find Teachers For Schools across Australia
Tailored search and recruitment that puts you in full control

Have full control over the pool you search, with the ability to prioritise favourite and known teachers, privately invite select candidates to your job, or cast your net wide and post an ad for the entire marketplace to see.

Have teachers respond to tailored interview questions as part of their initial job application so you can make shortlisting easier.

Easily hone in on exactly what you’re looking for by filtering on things like first name, prior experience at your school, distance from school, graduates only.

Saves your school time and money

TeacherFinder is an automated, agency free approach that keeps schools in the driver’s seat and saves thousands of dollars on agency recruitment fees.

With TeacherFinder’s one-click invitation and real-time messaging you can find, invite, message and quickly confirm an educator all in one day (often within the hour), also saving hours of time waiting and wasted on to’ing and fro’ing.

Find Teachers For Schools across Australia

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For the next 30 days, we are offering hugely discounted access to TeacherFinder as part of our beta testing program. This allows you to lock in your access to this growing online hub at a discounted rate while we test and grow our service. Imagine if you could access a large and growing pool of local available teachers and didn't have to waste precious time, money and mental energy wondering where to look!

What Others Say...

Want to know more?

Answers to some questions frequently asked by employers.

TeacherFinder’s education-specific search capabilities allow you to easily narrow or widen your search and selection. Once you’ve carried out a general search you can refine it by using a variety of filters (location, skillset, years of experience, past experience at your school, favourites etc.). Importantly, you can also save yourself hours of time once the applicants come in by using filters to highlight only the best applicants for you to review.  

YesEmployers are able to search and review teacher profiles anonymously to find the best talent to fill their vacancy. You also have the option to privately invite select teachers to a role before posting the job ad publicly.  

Simply start your search by entering a keyword, position, key skillsets, location and perhaps a start date. As a guest user, you will see how many teachers are available and a bit about them. If you like what you see you can unlock the rest of their details by subscribing. Once you are a subscriber, you have full access to finding and messaging teachers, and posting UNLIMITED job ads for a fixed subscription price (monthly, quarterly or annual).  

You do. TeacherFinder is an online matching service designed to help employers like you easily find great staff. Your organisation (or relevant state-based education authority) enter into an employment contract directly with the teachers themselves, and the employment conditions, pay rates and payroll processing obligations for each placement remain with you.  

Absolutely! Applicants can be shortlisted with one simple click. A summary of applicant profiles can then easily be downloaded as a PDF for you to print and share with colleagues. 

Absolutely! TeacherFinder was designed to make your HR recruitment process easier. We encourage employers to use it as an integral part of teacher recruitment, either in isolation or alongside other recruitment methods.  

Not through TeacherFinder. Once a teacher has accepted the role and been confirmed by the school, the system doesn’t allow you to accept anyone else for the role. The job ad will also automatically close to other applicants. 

What a good problem to have! You simply need to select the teacher you prefer the most and confirm the booking with them. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified that they were unsuccessful on this occasion. 

Absolutely. You can choose how long you want to subscribe for (a month, quarter or full year) at any one time and whether you renew. If your subscription lapses, you’re welcome to reactivated it at any time. If you do so within 12 months of it expiring, all your account history will still be there waiting for you. 

Yes. Simply head to the ‘Subscription’ tab under your profile to change your subscription. 

No, it is not possible to create multiple usernames linked to the same email address nor have multiple email addresses link to the one account. If multiple staff members want access to the one account you may want to consider using shared email address. 

Your subscription is linked to the email address you provide when setting up your account so providing you keep the same email address, you will continue to have access to your subscription regardless of your school. If you do change schools, it will be important that you update your school profile details in TeacherFinder so teachers know what school they’re applying for.  

No. The only TeacherFinder fee you incur is a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee. This covers you for as many recruits as you like within the subscription period (and any longer term employment arrangements you may want to pursue with teachers!).  

Imagine If...

Imagine if you simply needed to type in the sort of teacher you were looking for and were provided with summary profiles (and CVs) of a range of available teachers matching your needs. No more time wasted waiting for job ads to be responded to. No more trawling through piles of CVs before you can even begin shortlisting. No more just hiring ‘anyone’. TeacherFinder delivers all of this.

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