Chances are you’ll find the answer in our FAQs. If not, get in touch and a member of our team will be more than happy to try fill in any blanks.

TeacherFinder is a match-making platform that connects employers with available contract teachers, locally and across Australia. Our national education-specific marketplace allows educators and employers to easily connect for contract and pre-booked casual placements.

The first step for employers is to purchase your chosen plan and create a school profile. Employers can then create a public or private job ad and start receiving applications or privately invite interest from qualified and available educators. Regardless of your chosen plan, you’ll have unlimited job ad opportunities and access to teachers for the period of your subscription.

For teachers, the first step is to create a profile, update your availability and start applying for relevant roles.  

Our aim is to support schools and teachers everywhere across Australia, including metro, rural and remote areas. You can search for free to see whether there’s anything currently available in your location (or perhaps an alternative location you wish to be!).  

All businesses that are seeking to employ educators and all educators looking for casual, contract and fulltime work may use TeacherFinder. Normallythe persons responsible for recruiting educators for roles at schools, VET institutions and early childhood centres will set up an account and campus profile to seek out talent and promote job vacancies. The person seeking work will normally always be a qualified teacher. The service can be used in conjunction with other recruitment and job search methods as an integral ‘marketplace’ for finding the best teachers and teaching opportunities.  

In order to register with TeacherFinder all teachers are required to provide current teaching registration details and complete a statutory declaration about their relevant qualifications. Details of referees are also requested. 

As part of our quality standards, we also conduct random checks of our members to verify their contact and registration details and give them the option to complete ID checks and verification. 

For extra peace of mind we also encourage employers to follow up third party referees provided on teachers’ profiles.

Yes. TeacherFinder can be accessed from your desktop PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone, giving you ultimate choice and convenience.  

Yes, regular internet and email access is required, along with a private email address. As we are a web-based service, we use your secure TeacherFinder login to our website along with email as our primary source of communication for all work opportunities and any admin notices. Once you have applied for a job, the employer of that specific job ad is given access to the email and phone contact details listed on your profile via their secure login, and they may contact you via either of these channels. 

TeacherFinder can provide connection to qualified educators to fill a wide range of casual and contract roles, including primary and secondary teachers, early childhood educators, trade teachers (VET), HODs, teacher aides and teacher-qualified tutors. We can support all types of education institutions – public, private, independent, Catholic, VET and others. 

Yes, anyone can create a free teacher profile as long as you possess the necessary skills and qualifications and are eligible to work in Australia without sponsorship.   

For Employers

TeacherFinder’s education-specific search capabilities allow you to easily narrow or widen your search and selection. Once you’ve carried out a general search you can refine it by using a variety of filters (location, skillset, years of experience, past experience at your school, favourites etc.). Importantly, you can also save yourself hours of time once the applicants come in by using filters to highlight only the best applicants for you to review.  

YesEmployers are able to search and review teacher profiles anonymously to find the best talent to fill their vacancy. You also have the option to privately invite select teachers to a role before posting the job ad publicly.  

Simply start your search by entering a keyword, position, key skillsets, location and perhaps a start date. As a guest user, you will see how many teachers are available and a bit about them. If you like what you see you can unlock the rest of their details by subscribing. Once you are a subscriber, you have full access to finding and messaging teachers, and posting UNLIMITED job ads for a fixed subscription price (monthly, quarterly or annual).  

You do. TeacherFinder is an online matching service designed to help employers like you easily find great staff. Your organisation (or relevant state-based education authority) enter into an employment contract directly with the teachers themselves, and the employment conditions, pay rates and payroll processing obligations for each placement remain with you.  

Absolutely! Applicants can be shortlisted with one simple click. A summary of applicant profiles can then easily be downloaded as a PDF for you to print and share with colleagues. 

Absolutely! TeacherFinder was designed to make your HR recruitment process easier. We encourage employers to use it as an integral part of teacher recruitment, either in isolation or alongside other recruitment methods.  

Not through TeacherFinder. Once a teacher has accepted the role and been confirmed by the school, the system doesn’t allow you to accept anyone else for the role. The job ad will also automatically close to other applicants. 

What a good problem to have! You simply need to select the teacher you prefer the most and confirm the booking with them. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified that they were unsuccessful on this occasion. 

Absolutely. You choose how long you subscribe for (a month, three months or the full year) and whether you renew. If your subscription lapses you’re welcome to reactivate it at any time, and if it’s within 12 months all of your account history will still be there waiting for you. 

Yes. Simply head to the ‘Subscription’ tab under your profile to change your subscription. 

No, it is not possible to create multiple usernames linked to the same email address nor have multiple email addresses link to the one account. If multiple staff members want access to the one account you may want to consider using shared email address. 

Your subscription is linked to the email address you provide when setting up your account so providing you keep the same email address, you will continue to have access to your subscription regardless of your school. If you do change schools, it will be important that you update your school profile details in TeacherFinder so teachers know what school they’re applying for.  

No. The only fee we charge you is your monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee (for as many recruits as you like within your subscription period!).  

For Teachers

That decision is all yours! You will have the option to control your search parameters, so you can search for jobs within your local area, a little further afield, or even somewhere completely random that you may be happy to commute or relocate to for the right opportunity!  

No, not entirely. Your identity and the personal details you provide in your profile will be used within TeacherFinder to help secure you employment opportunities. This includes your profile being seen by potential employers who have a current paid subscription with TeacherFinder. Other than use within TeacherFinder, your personal details and identity will be kept strictly confidential. For full details on this please see our Privacy Policy. 

As each work placement may vary in length, role description, employer and employment conditions, your TeacherFinder work placements may all have different rates of pay.  

Pay rates can differ between jurisdictions and state vs. private and independent schools. VET and tutor teacher placements can also pay different rates again, often higher hourly rates but for shorter shifts.  

If unsure, we encourage you to check the standard award rates for your role or ask your potential employer about the pay rates and conditions before accepting the job.  

The amount of contracts that you undertake is completely up to you.  You will be asked to nominate the type of work you would like to complete in your profile and to keep your availability up to date, as this is what potential employers may use to find and offer you work.  It is then up to you to accept or decline any job offers, and to search and apply for other job opportunities as and when you choose.   

All TeacherFinder work placements will require you to enter an employment agreement with the employing school or business. The school, business or relevant State-based authority employing you on contract will be responsible for paying your remuneration in accordance with the employment agreement you enter into. This normally requires you to nominate an Australian bank account which funds will be paid electronically into.

Yes, for sure. Providing you can still be honest and reliable in your TeacherFinder interactions, we encourage you to maximise your opportunities in whatever way works best for you.