Top 7 Tips For Managing Supply Teaching Requests

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As a supply teacher, managing and choosing between different teaching job requests can be a crucial aspect of your career. Here are some top tips to help you in this process:

Determine your preferences

Consider your preferences and priorities regarding the type of teaching assignments you would like to take. Think about factors such as grade levels, subject areas, school types (public, private, independent), and locations. Knowing your preferences will help you filter and select the most suitable job requests.

Establish a network

Build relationships with multiple schools, administrators, and teacher placement services. Reach out to local schools and introduce yourself as a supply teacher available for assignments. Register with reputable teacher placement agencies such as TeacherFinder and Having a strong network will increase your chances of receiving job requests.

Communicate availability and flexibility

Keep your availability updated and inform schools or agencies about your schedule in advance. If you have any specific days or periods of unavailability, communicate them clearly. Additionally, highlight your flexibility and willingness to take on short-notice assignments, as this can make you more attractive to schools.

Research and evaluate job requests

When you receive job requests, conduct research on the schools and grade levels involved. Look for information such as the school’s reputation, student demographics, and any special programs or initiatives they have. Evaluate whether the assignment aligns with your skills, experience, and preferences. Consider factors like commute time, working conditions, and the length of the assignment.

Ask questions

If you have any uncertainties about the assignment, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions to the school or agency representative. Clarify details such as lesson plans, resources available, behaviour management policies, and any specific expectations. Gathering relevant information will help you make informed decisions.

Maintain professionalism and reliability

When accepting a job request, commit to it and fulfill your obligations professionally. Arrive on time, be prepared, and follow the school’s policies and procedures. Build a reputation for being dependable and delivering quality teaching.

Reflect and evaluate

After each assignment (especially if it’s at a new school), take a minute to reflect on your experience. Assess what worked well and what areas you can improve upon. If you repeatedly receive requests from certain schools, consider building stronger connections with them and seeking regular assignments.

Remember, as a supply teacher, you have the flexibility to choose the assignments that align with your preferences and professional goals. By being proactive, reliable, and discerning in your choices you can maximize your job satisfaction and build a successful supply teaching career.

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