Part 3: Retaining Staff


School Leadership
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School Leadership
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With the current demand for teaching staff out-stripping supply, it has never been more important for schools to retain their staff and reduce the need to recruit. This applies to casual and part-time staff as much as permanent.

But how?

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How often do you hear others or perhaps even think to yourself – I only hear about it when I do something wrong? Give praise immediately and make it specific. Be sure to recgonise effort, positive attitude, performance, and resilience. Staff who go above and beyond often don’t get recognised – it will be a pleasant surprise when they are and will encourage them to keep it up.

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The 80/20 rule of people management is that 80% of staff do the right thing and are good performers, while 20% need to improve. Yet, we spend 80% of our time on the 20% of poor performers. Instead, ‘flip’ this and spend 80% of time on the 80% of the team that gets the job done! This group is often ignored because they simply go about their job. Praise them and thank them. They deserve the attention and will appreciate being noticed.

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Knowing your people and how they are motivated is important when it comes to management;
–     What motivates them?
–     How do they want to be praised?
–     What are their goals?
–     What they look for in a leader?
–     How they like to receive feedback?
Invest in understanding each person – even if only a little!

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Casual staff regularly get removed from school lists without ever having received feedback regarding why. Approaching situations with a level of curiosity enquiry is a great way to start a conversation and gain context as to why certain behaviours or situations occurred.
The key to giving feedback is GST;

G – be genuine when proving feedback
S – be specific about the topic and scope of feedback
T – ensure feedback is timely

These tips can be applied to permanent and casual team members. It has never been more important to retain good staff and/or develop those with potential, while you can.

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