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School Leadership
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School Leadership
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Time and time again we hear from relief and contract staff that they love working at a particular school. Similarly, we often hear that they don’t want to return to certain schools. When pressed why it often boils down to school leadership and the impact it has on staff. The number one leadership skill that staff look for is – ????????.

Sometimes we hear from schools that they no longer want a teacher to return to their school because of an incident or poor behaviour. However, we usually learn that no-one from the school provided the teacher with the feedback! What a wasted opportunity!! Often the teacher has no idea what happened, but they never get the chance to work at that school again. They sit on the ‘blacklist’ for evermore.

Instead, we would suggest members of faculty get used to giving feedback, particularly to casual staff. A great strategy is to remember the GST of giving feedback;

01 | ???????

Be genuine in your approach. First with a curiosity about the incident, behaviour and context. Then, be genuine about your desire to see improvement in the team member and develop a strategy to ensure improvement. People respond well to others who genuinely have good intentions.

02| ????????

Be specific with your feedback – whether good or bad. Vague or wishy-washy feedback doesn’t help and can often lead to a form of confrontation as stakeholders squabble over details. Use specific, observed behaviours as examples and be clear in how you would expect the staff member to improve.

03 | ??????

Nip it in the bud! Don’t delay giving feedback. Discuss the issue and pass on the feedback as soon as practical. This ensures it is ‘fresh’ in everyone’s mind and can sometimes see improvement in the behaviour before the day is up! If you become aware of the issue at the end of the day, it is recommended that you call the teacher after school to discuss the issue. It is much better to have the conversation than let it go.

Depending on the issue, providing feedback can take courage. However, it is one of the key elements of leadership and creating a positive workplace culture.


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