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School Leadership
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When we work with schools recruiting for positions, we help them improve their processes and get better candidates by mapping the candidate journey and considering candidate digital touchpoints.

A Touchpoint is any point of interaction with a candidate at any stage of the recruitment process. Digital touchpoints refer to engagements with your school online.

It is important to consider how your school is positioned at each step of the process. Candidates will often engage with at least three touchpoints when making the decision to apply for a role.

01 | Job Ad

Who do you want to attract and how do you ensure they apply? A small company I previously worked for used to state at the bottom of every job ad ‘Miserable people need not apply’. This certainly created a stir. The point was to demonstrate the culture of the organisation from the onset to ensure applicants came in with ‘eyes wide open’.

02 | Job Description

Does the document accurately describe the role, expectations, and performance indicators? It can sometimes be a good idea to even state what securing this role may lead to e.g. promotion, special project coming up or unique opportunities. Applicants love to know what the expectations are in advance.

03 | Website

Most schools highlight who they are and where they have been on their website. Celebrating past achievements, successes, and their history. Applicants appreciate what the school has done but are more interested in what the school is GOING TO DO once they join the team. Ensure aspirations, goals and plans are articulated to attract the best talent.

04 | Social media (planned)

Posts on Facebook and LinkedIn that celebrate the achievements of the school – in particular, highlighting student and faculty successes are a fantastic way to demonstrate a strong school culture and one that celebrates individual contributions. That is usually what applicants are looking for – how is this school going to reward* me.
Note* reward does not necessarily mean personal accolade but also job satisfaction, teamwork, and student success.

05 | Social media (organic)

Understand, acknowledge and respect that teachers both past and present will be posting, commenting and contributing to social media which mentions your school, its culture and what it is like to work there. While this cannot be controlled in the same way planned social media can, it can be heavily influenced by having school leadership and current staff be advocates for the school – proud of highlighting how great it is to work there. Word of mouth is powerful!

06 | Search engine result

What comes up when you Google your school and/or school leadership? Some of this might be able to be changed while others may not be. Even if your school has received negative press, it is better to know what information job candidates are viewing from the outset so you can address this either in job-ads, social media posts or interviews.

07 | Email follow-up/application acknowledgement

Get back to people! Candidates are used to fast replies and instant results. They understand fulfilling a role can take time, however, consider setting up an auto-reply to acknowledge applications have been received. Look to include an outline of the process e.g. applications will be reviewed and successful candidates will be invited to attend an interview in the week beginning 3rd


There is a lot to consider when exploring digital touch points. The key is to keep them in mind and understand that all applicants will be engaging in many of them along their journey. Make the most of every single opportunity. The best candidates will often do the most research so they get an understanding of the type of school and leader they will be working with.

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