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School Leadership
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We often get asked by school leaders: “How can we ensure we hire a team player and not a lone wolf?”

The answer: recruit people with great soft skills.

There are many psychological tests and lengthy recruitment processes you can employ to help, but we find that your own listening skills, mindset, and questions can provide the indicators to ensure you get a great hire and not a quick fire!

Use to following six tips to help shape your next interview and ensure you get the best talent on offer.

01 | Holistic

Look for someone who demonstrates openness to sharing, has a sense of belonging, and will be a good ‘school host’ for students, faculty, and parents alike. When recruiting, you can focus on answering the question in your mind – How do they live their life? Is it filled with interests, openness, and a desire to contribute?

02 | Storyteller

Can they tell a story, utilise humour, and describe concepts and evidence to make a point or convey an idea?

03 | Listener

Having someone who listens rather than only hears is a must! How well do they listen? Make sure to watch out for listening clues. This can be observed in how they paraphrase or simply, how they answer your questions.

04 | Past Leadership

How do they speak of their past leaders? What did they learn and how did it help them get to know themselves better? This can give a fantastic insight into their ability to self-reflect and you’ll often get insight into their leadership aspirations.

05 | Failures

Recruits should have the ability to speak of failures humbly and with reflection. It is a skill to acknowledge their mistakes and failures as lessons learned.

06 | Values

It is vital to be aware of one’s personal and professional values. It really doesn’t matter what the values are, but rather, that they can describe what is important to them and embody these values in their next workplace.


In any recruitment situation, ask yourself:  How would adding this person strengthen the team?  How can the team’s culture be improved? Make sure you’re conscious of any biases you might have.

And remember: You’re looking for  someone who will be a great ‘culture fit’.

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